Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NYT: Duke-UNC not even tonight's best game

Everybody who pays attention knows this isn't the ACC's best year for men's basketball. UNC's Tar Heels are having a tough season and Duke, which has done much better, is hardly having what its partisans would describe as a great year. Much the same for the rest of the league.

But still, the story in today's New York Times on the NCAA's best rivalry had this diss: "…when the vintage rivals meet in Chapel Hill, the No. 8 Blue Devils versus the unranked Tar Heels does not even present as the best game of the night. That would be No. 15 New Mexico visiting No. 23 U.N.L.V."

The article, by Pete Thamel, goes on to note that Duke is "talented but flawed" and "sits on the fringe of a group of strong but not quite elite teams that could win the national title." Thamel also wrote that midmajor teams may have a revival because of "blue-blood teams like North Carolina needing a tourniquet..."

This old Tar Heel fan has to say: Ouch!


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Anonymous said...

He is right on one point. UNC Duke is not tonights most intriguing game at all. Your Hometown FIRST PLACE Charlotte 49ers are playing a HUGE A-10 Conference game with a Dangerous Dayton team. Its really sad that local TV couldn't pick this one up. Hard to get the local citizens to buy in when they can't see this team play on the road.

Anonymous said...

NODODY cares about Charlotte College. I am nither a fan of UNC or Duke so do not throw that in my face.

Charlotte is so up and down over the years. They have a decent team this year but I doubt they could beat UNC or Duke even when they are down. Sure they can keep up for the occasional game against a ACC opponet. Day in and day our they would be a bottom feeder in a better league.

I also think they should play a few games downtown. You also should concern yourself with getting a better signal for your radio network. I have a hard time picking up the signal and wher to find them on the dial. Judy should get off her fat ass and try to get the games on WBT Radio. They would have a signal up and down the east coast. That would be nice for recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Saying that NOBODY cares about the 49ers is just plain ignorant. I think the thousands of fans that pack into Halton Arena every home game would disagree with you.

How good we are compared to Chapel Hill, Duke, UNLV, and New Mexico shouldn't even factor into it. The fact is, we are the HOMETOWN team, and we should matter to the city of Charlotte no matter how good we are, and especially when we are having a season as good as this playing a game this big. And saying that Charlotte would be a bottom feeder in the ACC is ridiculous too, since 2 years ago we beat a ranked Clemson team in Little John and Wake Forest in Bobcats Arena, so there goes that argument.

However, I will agree with you that we need to work on getting better radio and TV play. (By the way, we'll be on 1660am every game for the rest of the season, which you can also stream online.) As I mentioned, we have played several games in Bobcats Arena, and we'll actually be playing Tennessee there next year, so come out and support the hometown team!

704Champ said...

I'll probably be watching Virginia Tech @ NC State

And whats up with Virginia / Maryland being cancelled because of snow??

Anonymous said...

What a Joke! 2 NYT articles in one week involving UNC that are way off the mark. New Mexico and UNLV? will anybody be upset or overjoyed based on the outcome of this game? Will the sports landscape change at all? Will there be bonfires in New Mexico celebrating a victory?

UNC Duke matters to people watching and it matters to the players. That will quickly become evident when the teams take the floor this evening and should result in some really exciting basketball.

Anonymous said...

Its all about hype. If the Observer would hype up the 49ers the way they hype UNC (even in an off year I think they've had a front page article almost every day this season)... people WOULD care - even if they stunk. I didnt even go to UNC-Charlotte but I feel sorry for them how they are treated like the red-headed step child. I didnt even know they were doing well until yesterday. Give them the credit they deserve!! I'm an ACC Alum and I'm even sick of the coverage.

Ryan said...

Rough year for Heels but they are still a talented and dangerous team. A lot of high energy, young players who could make a serious impact come tourney time.

As for Duke, they look fine to me. Not their beat team by far but still a top notch squad. The critics are really jumping on both this year. At least in UNC's case they figure it's best to get them when they're down.

Anonymous said...

Uh huh, you jabronis in NY enjoy the UNLV game.

Your neighbors in Jersey will most certainly be watching their dookies.

Anonymous said...

Am going to the Times to diss this nut. Who reads the Times? Not I. Thanks for telling us about this idiot.

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