Monday, February 08, 2010

Hunt: This governor shows up

Former Gov. Jim Hunt is pretty good at heaping on the praise of other politicians, and he certainly covered Gov. Bev Perdue with hosannas Monday afternoon in his introduction of Perdue at the 25th Emerging Issues Forum. One of his comments about Perdue didn't mention another governor by name, but it was hard not to make the connection with former Gov. Mike Easley, who was notorious among state and local economic developers for being slow to commit to meeting with business officials of companies that were considering moving here. He said no to a lot of them. And Commerce Department officials during his years in office privately complained they never knew whether the governor would show up or not.

But Perdue, Hunt said, meets with every CEO that ever expresses interest in moving to North Carolina. "She never says no. She always shows up," Hunt said. "That's what you have to do" if you going to land new jobs, he added.


Anonymous said...

do we have to be subjected to the vile Jim Hunt continuously? enough of the grandfather of NC democrackkk corruption!

Anonymous said...

Hunt is good at heaping praise on everybody (not just fellow pols) -- that is how he got elected 4 times.

But I heard it too, you are exactly right about the dig at Easly.

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