Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hunt on charters, creativity and fast trains

Hunt on charters, creativity and fast trains

Former Gov. Jim Hunt, who chaired the first Emerging Issues Forum at N.C.
State University a quarter of a century ago, is preparing for the 25th
edition of that venerable institution, which covenes Feb. 8 and 9 in
Raleigh -- at the new downtown convention center for the second year.

This year's theme is creativity, in particular its relevance to innovation.
And true to Hunt's nature, he had a lot of thoughts about innovation,
creativity and thinking about things in different ways. In a conversation
before talking to editors and reporters Thursday, Hunt said, among other

-- He's all for lifting the statutory cap on charter schools. The number
is capped at 100, and Hunt thinks that artificial cap limits the
educational innovation that charters can bring about. It's not that he
wants to eliminate the cap altogether, but he believes the experience of
successful charters such as the Kipp Charlotte charter school proves the
point. Hunt isn't sure how high the cap ought to be. "I don't know how
much, but make sure they are performing" and when they don't, recapture
the charter and give it to a school that can produce results.

-- The president's new high speed rail initiative and commitment of $545 million to the state is in part a recognition
of ground-breaking work North Carolina has done in reintroducing passenger
rail. When Hunt was governor, he vowed to cut the time of the
Raleigh-Charlotte run to two hours before his term was up. The state
didn't meet that goal but it has steadily lopped time off the run, he
noted, and with the federal funds will eventually get to the two-hour
trip. "We're working on it, and we're going to get there," he added.

The Emerging Issues Forum will focus on ways to bring creativity into
educational curricula as well as more into corporate, nonprofit and even
agricultural operations. "Creative people make innovation happen," Hunt
said. "It has to come out of somebody's mind."

Among the speakers will be former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Bob Morgan.

For more information on the forum, see


JAT said...

Jack, unless you are going to write about what it feels like to punch Jim Hunt square in the face, I doubt most North Carolinians care to read about your interactions with Jim Hunt.

Anonymous said...

I guess that makes me not like most North Carolinians. I appreciate hearing Hunt's comments on charters.

Keep up the fine work.

JAT said...

Anon 4:02, you sound like a good tax-paying thrall.

You are grateful that the good Master Hunt will consider raising the cap -- a cap that should not exist, at all.

Either the cap is repealed or we are all slaves to the kleptocracy in Raleigh.

Where do you stand Jack? With the kleptocracy or with your fellow citizens.

The past 30 years suggests your answer....

diggndeeper said...

I know the next best step to take. Remove CMS from the land and make all Mecklenburg County schools charters. Remember CMS is the one system who refused to let KIPP operate a school for them their way.

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