Tuesday, April 26, 2011

McCrory still leading Perdue in Civitas Poll

The lastest SurveyUSA News Poll conducted for the conservative J.W. Pope Civitas Institute finds the same kinds of results that other polls lately have shown: Former charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, a Republican, leads Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue by 12 points. The poll asked, If the election were held today, would you vote for McCrory or Perdue?  Overall, 51 percent of the 500 registered voters said they supported McCrory while 39 percent liked Perdue. 58 percent of males chose McCrory and 37 percent chose Perdue: 45 percent of females chose McCrory while 41 percent chose Perdue.

As to party affiliation, 88 percent of Republicans prefered McCrory; 64 percent of Democrats would vote for Perdue, and independent voters preferred McCrory 53 percent to Perdue's 42 percent.  Among those who identified themselves as Tea Party supporters, 86 percent liked McCrory and 13 percent opposed him; 7 percent liked Perdue and 79 percent opposed her..

Perdue's job rating was still negative in the poll. 40 percent approved of the way Perdue was doing her job while 52 percent disapproved.  For more on these poll results, click this link.


Anonymous said...

ANOTHER poll post? Hey Jack, aren't you due for one of those "long weekends" they've been giving Newsom and Fowler? Or are you so old you're tenured?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this time Charlotte people can get it right and vote for the RIGHT guy not THE JOKER.

Anonymous said...

McCrory would make a far better governor than Perdue. The only reason Perdue won in 2008 was riding Obama's coattails. Now that the vast majority of the voters have turned on Obama because of his marxist idealogy and idiotic, destructive policies...Perdue is toast. Support McCrory for effective governorship. North Carolina needs a great governor and that would be McCrory.