Monday, May 04, 2009

Fast Cary Allred's 'reverse favoritism'

State Rep. Cary Allred, the Alamance County Republican who was cited Friday for driving 102 mph while on his way to a Monday night legislative session a week ago, calls the Highway Patrol's issuing of a ticket five days after he was stopped "reverse favoritism." Now, there's a political phrase likely to follow a politician to the end of his days!

Allred, you may recall, is the object of a House inquiry into his conduct after reports that he'd showed up at the legislature that night with alcohol on his breath (just one drink, he said); kissed a House page (turns out she's a neighbor, he said) and daughter of friends (more like a granddaughter, he said); and the kiss was platonic (only a peck on the cheek, he said); and had a couple of tense exchanges with House Speaker Joe Hackney at the Monday night session (the speaker is on a witch hunt, he said).

Allred is a legislative character in an institution that seems to have fewer of them every year. When my colleague Ben Niolet of the N&O interviewed him the other day, Alllred was wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a suit and no socks. (Don’t miss the picture.) His behavior lately has generated a lot of mirth, and at least one limerick from a local lawyer, Terence McEnally:

Allred, start acting your age!
Your speeding, your boozing, your rage!
We won't continue our blindness
to your uncouthness and unrefined-ness
Find your socks! Stop squeezing your page!

It's too bad the Observer's editorial department limerick contest is over. But if you've got a printable limerick on this topic, send it along.

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