Monday, January 31, 2011

Tillis hails Florida decision on health care law

Speaker of the House Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, hailed today's decision by a federal judge in Florida that the new federal health care law is unconstitutional. The law, Tillis said, "is bad for business in North Carolina" and said people expect the legislature to protect their right to make their own health care decisons "and protect North Carolina's economy in the process."  His remarks provide support for a House committee that wants to prevent the federal government from forcing people to purchase health care.

 The new Republican majority campaigned last year on jobs and the economy, but the House's first committee action of the session, on the health care bill, suggested a different priority. It was not so surprising that the bill came up; what was surprising was how fast the committee moved, without a public hearing or more deliberation.

The House Judiciary Committee last week approved a bill that in effect would exempt North Carolina residents from the mandate to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. It also directed the N.C. attorney general to represent North Carolinians in court if needed to enforce the bill.  That bill could come up for a vote on the House floor this week.  

Tillis's office released the following statement about the court decision:

"In the House of Representatives, we have no higher priority than to balance our budget and work to foster an environment that encourages job development. The Federal Health Care bill is bad for business in North Carolina. For over a year, North Carolinians have clearly expressed their displeasure with the Federal legislation, and as recently as this afternoon, a Federal judge in Florida expressed his concern by ruling the entire law unconstitutional. We will not stand idly and watch an unconstitutional usurpation of authority by the Federal government. North Carolinians expect us to act to protect their right to make their own health care decisions; we plan to do just that, and protect North Carolina’s economy in the process."


Dr. Horrible said...

Strange how this decision hasn't made the Observer news site yet.

Guess we know what those 20 people that got laid off today did...

Kayleigh said...

The court did not place an Injunction on the health care law, meaning that there still has to be preparations made and at the cost of a lot of money until it goes through the court system and arrives at the USSC. If true leadership was available, this would be brought up NOW to the Court inlight of this latest rulling, the second stateing that this is considered Unconstitution and delayed games do nothing for the American people and the amount of money this delay would cost. If presented to the USSC, it would be an estimated 60 days!!! NOT months. IS ego worth all this?