Monday, November 01, 2010

South of the Border ad across the line?

Just when you thought you'd seen everything in politics comes a mailer from the N.C. Republican Party Executive Committee that portrays Democratic legislative candidate Chris Heagarty of Raleigh wearing a sombrero and supposedly mouthing the words "mucho taxo."  It's evidently meant as a play -- a crude one -- on the Pedro character from South Carolina's South of the Border complex just off I-95.  A headline says, "Bucky sez  Heagarty loves high taxes!" and "We're giving a huge advantage to our neighbors South of the Border."

You can see a copy of the mailer on the Independent's website here

It sad to think that the party of Jim Holshouser and Jim Martin has to resort to this kind of base, racist, emotional appeal, especially in an election when the party has so many other things going for it. I think the Republican Party is about to win a lot of legislative seats and may take over both houses of the legislature; why the party's elders would allow that potential success to be tainted by this kind of mailer is beyond my understanding, other than to recognize that this has become par for the course in Tar Heel politics. Sad.


Anonymous said...

Watch out Jack, your democrat is showing!!!!

Sgt Schultz

DrFrankLives said...

Mr. Betts.

COuld you perhaps email your article to your colleague ROb Christensen? THis story is evidently not news enough to be mentioned in the paper of record for the district this occurred in.


John Burns

Dr. Horrible said...

Sad? Maybe. Certainly not as sad as watching lefties go through fainting spells over the idea that illegals are, you know, illegal. And usually Hispanic by a large number.

When did we become a country that so fears and hates someone pointing out the obvious?

Anonymous said...

This is truly disappointing. NC politics makes me feel dirty. So slimy.

Anonymous said...

My God quit the overly sensitive whining. Does EVERYTHING have to be perfectly politically correct?

Anonymous said...

Bogus Spanish, too.

FeedUpWithPC said...

Oh stop with the political correctness already. If you were really so upset you would have long ago called for an end to the South of the Border billboards. This isn't racist; it's parody of a well-known set of billboards in the South.

Why don't you REALLY say what you mean: I hate everything that isn't liberal.

Editaur said...

I wish I could say I'm surprised. But this is the same fine group of gentlemen, isn't it, that has yet to apologize for an ad that tells a bald-faced lie about the Racial Justice Act.