Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burr builds significant lead in two Senate race polls

Two recent polls on N.C.'s U.S. Senate race illustrate the steepness of the climb that N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall faces in her bid to unseat incumbent Republican Richard Burr.

Public Policy Polling's latest survey has Burr with a lead of 13 points in a snapshot that shows Burr with 49 percent of the vote and Marshall at 36, while the Civitas Institute's latest shows Burr with a 20 point lead, with Burr holding 49 percent of the vote and Marshall 29 percent. (An earlier version of this post had incorrect numbers.)
PPP's Tom Jensen said in a news release that Burr has consolidated the Republican base. "He now has an 88-1 lead with voters in his own party compared to just 75-9 in late August. He's also increased his lead with independents from 20 points to 25 points and pushed his Democratic support from 16 percent to 20 percent.

"Burr had posted net negative approval numbers in every PPP poll from February through August but in the wake of this recent blitz he's now pushed them into positive territory at 47 percent approving and 38 percent disapproving. Burr has broken the previous record for his highest approval number in PPP's polling by a wide margin- the previous best was 42 percent in December of 2009.

"Marshall continues to be plagued by comparatively low name recognition. It's worth noting that among respondents who have an opinion of Marshall, whether it's positive or negative, she actually leads Burr 47-45. Those numbers suggest that if she was competitive with Burr resources wise this would be a toss up race," he said.

Burr has a lot more money than Marshall, which PPP says has let Burr have "almost complete control of the information flow to voters" despite the fact that Marshall "is one of the more well liked Senate candidates Democrats have across the country."

Meanwhile, Civitas Institute analyst Chris Hayes said his organization's latest poll showed Burr with a "commanding" lead particularly among unaffiliated voters, who support Burr by a 48 percent-21 percent margin.

“Marshall has been virtually non-existent in the media throughout the course of this election cycle,” said Hayes. “Burr’s dominance of the television airwaves has allowed him to expand his lead.”

“Marshall remains relatively unknown to the voters, even voters of her own party. This spells deep trouble for her,” added Hayes. “If she does not answer Burr on television soon, this race will quickly be over.”

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Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Democrat, all I can say is, "Thank God!".

Anonymous said...

I just read that our governor was given a D grade by the Cato Institute, while SC's hiking lame duck received an A. Cato is a conservative think tank, understood, but our governor appears to be trying to hug the center, or at least is pretending to. Maybe that kept her from getting an F like other Dems guvs but not good enough to have gotten reelected if her election was this November. Not good enough to fool anyone. I see all the houses just across the border, when do all the businesses follow to tax friendly South Carolina? People are already voting with their feet, will the jobs follow? It's not a big move.

Anonymous said...

Let's test this "out now"
test for typeface

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't thank God for having one of the most corrupt systems of government in the world. Yes, those candidates that can raise the most money, will win their elections. Those who can buy the most time in the media and tell the most lies about their opponent, will succeed. I don't think God would have any part of that. You see, there is no such thing as shame in politics anymore.

Tom Pelton said...

I loved Burr as "Perry Mason." He was okay as "Ironsides."