Thursday, October 08, 2009

Burr to avoid 'serious challenge' in 2010?

The other day, PPP, a Democratic polling firm, found things were looking before for Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr's re-election chances in 2010. Now a Washington Web site, The Hill, has sensed the same thing. Blogger Aaron Black says Burr could avoid a serious challenge next year. Here's his post:

Burr Looking Less Vulnerable Amid Changing Environment
By Aaron Blake
The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room
10/08/09 11:08 AM ET

The changing political environment could be helping Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) avoid a serious challenge in 2010.

Public Policy Polling, the Democratic-leaning firm based in North Carolina, just put out new numbers on Burr that show him leading a generic Democrat 45-34. Four months ago, Burr trailed that generic Democrat 41-38.

Burr has also extended his lead over all of his potential Democratic opponents to double-digits, including leading Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.) 44-33 and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall 44-32. Marshall is in the race; Etheridge is weighing it.
Burr's favorable numbers remain largely unchanged, so it doesn't appear to be anything that he's doing. But perhaps more than any other state that voted for President Obama last year, North Carolina is experiencing buyer's remorse.
Obama's approval rating in the state has sunk from around 60 percent early this year to the mid-40s, with more North Carolinians disapproving of him than approving of him.

Burr, who looked like one of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents at the beginning of the year, will likely remain a target because of his favorability numbers, but he's looking to be in better and better shape, and that could scare away someone like Etheridge.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who's had any dealings at all with Sen. Burr knows that he's level-headed, a Constitutionalist and extremely responsive to his constituents. Not ONLY do you get regular mail back that actually speaks to the issue you initially wrote him about - you get PHONE calls from his aides/paiges acknowledging your issues and spelling out un-equivocally where Sen. Burr stands on them.

Not only should Sen. Burr win by a an absolute landslide when he runs for re-election - he should ALSO be being seriously considered for a V.P. (if not a Presidential) slot on the Rep. ticket next time around.

He's THAT good. I wish more people would realize it, because at this critical juncture in our nations' fight for survival, we CAN NOT do withOUT politician's such as he in office.

rerogersjr said...

OH yeah he responds on the subject. I wrote about the unfair power Home owners associations weld as a 2nd government and he set me a response about the mortgage crisis.. He REALLLY Really LISTENS .. Trying to my tongue a little farther in my cheek here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I got a letter, a form letter that did nothing to actually address my concerns. He's got great ideas, but if he can't help to get this country health care reform, he and every other incumbent that fails at this job, will not be getting my vote again.

Anonymous said...