Thursday, July 23, 2009

McCrory leads Perdue in new Civitas poll

The Civitas Institute, associated with several organizations such as the John Locke Foundation funded by the family of Art Pope, has a new twist on the “Gov. Perdue's popularity keeps falling” theme. It notes in its new poll that outgoing Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory now leads Perdue by 14 points. Is it a case of buyer's remorse, the institute asks?

McCrory must be wondering about all those voters: Where were you when I needed you? (He lost the race for governor last year to Bev Perdue.)

Here's part of the Civitas Poll's analysis:

RALEIGH, N.C. – Just nine months after defeating Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory in the race for Governor, Bev Perdue now trails McCrory by 14 points in a hypothetical matchup according to a new poll released today by the Civitas Institute.
According to the live caller poll of 600 voters, if the election for Governor were held today, 46 percent of voters would support McCrory. 32 percent would vote for Perdue. 22 percent of voters were unsure.
McCrory leads among Republicans (80-7) and Unaffiliateds (45-28), while Perdue is only garnering a bare majority of her own party’s support (52-21).
“It’s pretty clear that many voters in North Carolina are now having buyer’s remorse,” said Civitas Institute Senior Legislative Analyst Chris Hayes. “Perdue’s $1.6 billion tax increase proposal and her handling of the budget crisis have cost her politically – so much so that even voters who overwhelmingly backed her are now not willing to voice support for her.”


Anonymous said...

While I'm not happy with Perdue's performance, I would vote for her over McCrory again. Can we please have a better choice in the next election? Is there no one out there with good new ideas?!

leaving_on_a_jet_plane said...

A stump would have a 14 point lead over Perdue if an election were held today.

Goodbye, NC!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. Purdue won because of the straight ticket. They need to take governor out of that option, like they did w/ the president.

Anonymous said...

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

I voted for her because of all the negative posts in the Observer saying McCrory wasn't a good Mayor and others criticizing him. I don't vote straight ticket and yes I wish I hadn't voted for her. When you vote you take a chance on whoever you vote for and hope that they will do what they promise when they are campaigning but as you can see that isn't always the case. Perdue has said she doesn't care about the polls, but she should. If a republican would run that I thought was honest and would do what was best for the people of NC and not for himself/ herself I would vote for them, but so far honesty hasn't played a role in many years. We don't know what they will do until they get their foot in the door. I think there should be a limit to how long lawmakers can serve in office. After they are in office a while they get too comfortable and forget they are there for the people that voted them in and not for themselves. Until these people in Raleigh are all voted out, we won't see a change for NC whether they are democrat or republican. I read the Observer online since I no longer live in Charlotte, but I still have family there.

Brendan said...

Of course their poll shows McCrory ahead - that's who they (John Locke Foundation, Art Pope and his gang) supported for governor.

If Perdue had come out of the box like Obama did, this poll would never have been commissioned.

PS - leaving_on_a_jet_plane - don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out!!

Anonymous said...

What a useless poll. The only poll that counts is election day every four years. Check again in 6 mos to a year and the results could again be in Purdue's favor. In 2001, it looked like easley would not win a second term, in 2004 he did. Civitas is nothing more than sour graps by Art pope. That hack needs to get over it.

Francis said...

Hate to let the air out of some of the posters here but the only ones who had anything to do with this poll are Civitas' employees.

As a non-profit we did not support a candidate for governor and in fact had a candidate who was not Pat McCrory speak at one of our events.

The questions were to test how popular Gov. Perdue is right now and to have a little fun with a rematch of a race that really happened.

Steve said...

The conventional wisdom back in November was that McCrory would have handily beaten Perdue if there had not been a presidential election at the same time.

Anyone who watched the first debate between the two would have a hard time voting for her. McCrory is certainly no intellectual giant, but she was obviously way out of her depth.

She has turned out so far to be a much better governor than I expected. But I still wouldn't vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Perdue is horrible at best...plain and simple. The state of NC is going to pay dearly for an incompetent Governor. I remember the telecast debate in Charlotte when she said, "I won't raise your taxes"....that lasted 6 months..

Anonymous said...

I would not vote for Perdue for any reason because of her latest performance with the budget. If she ran against McCrory I would vote for McCrory, but I don't think he would be a good governor, he would just be better than her. But I would vote for a dog before I would vote for Perdue.

Anonymous said...

And no, my opinion will not change by the next election. If she behaves perfectly until the next election, I still would vote for her opponent. I do agree with 10:48 anonymous - isn't there anyone out there with good new ideas?

blpadge2 said...

Hmm, McCrappy has 46% of the vote of a poll run by ultra-neocon think tank while Perdon't has 32% and undecided is 22%.

Given that McCrappy only drew 47% of the vote in November, I bet if the election were a do over Perdon't still wins b/c of straight party Democrats down East (how else do you explain 8 years of Sleazely) that I'm sure Civitas undersampled. The only difference is the race is a little closer.

Remember this is the same crowd that polled 600 voters 1 month before election day and had McCrappy leading despite him never rating higher than 43% in all their polls before election day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a total worthless article written about a total worthless organization in order to attempt to make the Repugs feel better after they lost.

Anonymous said...

People should have know what a lousy governor she would be.
She talked out of both sides of her mouth.

It is amazing how folks keep having faith in Dems - all they know how to do is raise taxes, spend out-of-control and limit freedoms.

To have to suffer with this woman another 3 years is torture.

Recall her!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Since we seem to have "Francis" here, maybe we could ask him to explain the sampling procedure a bit. How were respondents selected, and how are we assured that the sample reflects the population? Is there a reason you state the CI associated with a "sample of this size," rather than asserting it for the sample itself?

Anonymous said...

The voters of Charlotte are responsible for this outcome. What were they thinking? That somehow a Democratic governor from another part of the state would better represent their interests?

Now even a slam-dunk, no-brainer, shovel-ready, union-intensive I-485 outer loop completion is in limbo. All while we can't keep the former governor -- or his wife -- out of the headlines, for all the wrong reasons.

Of course, The Oberver applauds the governor's courage...for raising taxes. "Step Up."

North Carolina risks becoming The New Jersey of the South.

Anonymous said...

Francis said...

Hate to let the air out of some of the posters here but the only ones who had anything to do with this poll are Civitas' employees.

Facts don't matter to moronic liberal.

Anonymous said...

i guess the repugs have francis monitoring the posts. hey, if these meaningless polls get you thru the night, go for it!. As for those who voted straight ticket, that's their business.

Anonymous said...

The observation that Charlotte is responsible for the "outcome" is so sad and so true. In their zeal to pull the Dem straight ticket, Charlotte's voters demonstrated a total naiveness about NC politics. It is simple, the concern and spending in Raleigh stops at the line that runs from Burlington to Rockingham. So Mecklenburg residence enjoy the pot holes and unfinished roads. While your money is being used to complete a four lane highway to "Joe's Hog Farm" in Dunn.

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