Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What are lawmakers up to? 3,887 bills

In case you’re wondering what the 170 members of N.C. General Assembly have been up to since convening back in January, here it is: 3,887. That's bills. They’ve been drafting legislation at a rapid rate, significantly more than last session.
Or to be accurate, the Bill Drafting section of the Legislative Services Office has been drafting them – pushing 4,000 as legislators go into the 14th week of the 2007 session. So far, says Gerry Cohen, director of the section, requests for substantive legislation is up by one-third over the 2005 General Assembly.
For more details, here’s a link to Cohen’s unofficial website with a running tally of bills drafted.


Mark/TCGB said...
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Mark/TCGB said...

Jessica's Law Now Calls for Action from North Carolina Legislature

Various individuals, groups and organizations formed an action group called, “Jessica’s Law Now North Carolina.” Group formed in response to the apathetic lawmakers, who are dithering about Jessica’s Law rather than making a solid difference toward protecting our children. This formed coalition is tired of all the prolonging games and excuses by our lawmakers when it comes to our children.

We say, “Cut the fat! Rather spend on pet projects and guilt trips (Apologies for Slavery, Smoking Bans, Trans Fat Bans, etc.) focus!” The excuses coming from our representatives are pathetic rather than looking at facts; they rather tell you why they cannot do something. However, they certainly can find the time and funding for other things.

If our state leaders would take care of business, rather than trying to be Political Correct, things would be different. Our leaders are too busy worrying about slavery from 200 years ago or banning smoking and how about the children instead of self-gain!

Citizens and Organizations have banned together to make a stand with Mark Lunsford at “Legislative Day” on Wednesday, April 25 , 2007 in Raleigh, NC. The mission is to facilitate the passing of HB 933/ Jessica Lunsford Act, for NC.

All this could be in vain since the Judiciary II Committee will hear HB 933/ Jessica Lunsford Act for N.C. on Tuesday, April 24, 2007. If Chairman Rep. Dan Blue (D) or the Committee vetoes this bill, Mark Lunsford’s testimony on Wednesday, be rendered moot and once again, the State of North Carolina will fail to pass a law to protect children. This would be a major step backwards, since last year HB 1921 (Version of Jessica’s Law) not even allowed heard.

Judiciary II Committee decided to send HB 933 / Jessica Lunsford Act aka. Jessica’s Law to a sub-committee. Chairman Rep. Dan Blue (D) felt that bill is long and needed have a sub-committee look at it. The sub-committee to May 17 comes back to the committee with report. If the committee does not report by May 17th HB 933 / Jessica Lunsford Act aka. Jessica’s Law will die in committee. We do not want this to happen because our state needs strict laws for sex offenders. I am sure, I do not have to tell you how inconclusive North Carolina is with laws.

We feel by the action that Chairman Rep. Dan Blue (D) made possible trying table and prolong bill. We put a lot of pressure on the committee when word came out about Tuesday’s meeting. The committee was to meet Thursday after Mark Lunsford but it changed late last week. We see the same pattern forming again from the Democratic Party.

Judiciary II Committee has 15 members, (9) Democrats and (6) Republicans.

REP DAN BLUE (DEM-WAKE) CHAIRMAN (919) 733-5752 Danb@ncleg.net


REP JIMMY L. LOVE SR (DEM-HARNETT- LEE ) VICE CHAIRMAN (919) 715-3026 Jimmyl@ncleg.net

REP JENNIFER WEISS (DEM-WAKE) VICE CHAIRMAN (919) 715-3010 Jenniferw@ncleg.net

REP ALICE BORSDEN (DEM-ALAMANCE) MEMBER (919) 733-5820 Aliceb@ncleg.net


REP JIM HARRELL, III (DEM-ALLEGANY-SURRY) MEMBER (919) 715-1883 Jimha@ncleg.net

REP EARLINE W. PARMON (DEM-FORSYTH) MEMBER (919) 733-5829 Earlinep@ncleg.net


The other item, which came to our attention that makes us mad is what North Carolina State Senator Jean Preston (R) has introduced.

Senator Jean Preston (R-District 2) introduced Senate Bill 1508, Sexual Offender Register/Crimes against Nature, and Senate Bill 1509, and Prohibit Sex Offender Living With Minors. These Bills, if passed by the General Assembly, will toughen sexual predator laws by closing certain loopholes in current statutes and disallowing pleas to lesser crimes. Both bills have been referred to Senate Judiciary I committee.

SB 1508 adds two provisions to current statutes. First, “crimes against nature” is added to the list of sexual offenses against minors for which a defendant would have to register on the sex offenders’ registry. Current law does not require a defendant to register as a sex offender if the defendant pleads to “crimes against nature.” The bill also prohibits pleas by defendants to lesser crimes that would not require the defendant to register as a sex offender. If a defendant commits a sex crime against a minor, neither a district attorney, nor a judge would be able to allow the defendant to plead to a lesser charge, which would not require the defendant to register as a sex offender.

SB 1509 prohibits registered sex offenders from living with minors, unless the minor is a blood child of the offender, and the crime for which the offender is on the registry was not committed against that minor(s). Registered sex offenders prohibited from living near schools, daycares, and other areas where there are children, as well as being prohibited from having unsupervised interactions with children. Yet current laws do not explicitly prohibit registered sex offenders from living with children. Typically, probation/post, release requirements cover this provision, but instances have occurred where probation/post release requirements do not last as long as the time a sex offender is required to be on the registry.

SB 1508 and SB 1509 will not do a thing but help sex offenders.

Senator Preston made the following statement :

“North Carolina is a leader in protecting our children from sexual predators. Other legislators have introduced bills to increase punishments for sex offenses against minors, but there are still some issues that not been addressed. As lawmakers, we must send a strong message that sexual offenses against minors in North Carolina should not tolerated. It is our duty to do everything we can to protect our children from sexual predators.”

North Carolina is not a leader in protecting children from sexual predators as North Carolina Senator Preston said. If we were then Jessica’s Law would have been passed two years ago and state would have welcome Adam Walsh Act. In my conversations with Marc Klass, we discuss what North Carolina needs. Marc Klass felt that North Carolina General Assembly should take the Adam Walsh Act and Strong version of Jessica’s Law. The Adam Walsh Act and use the monetary bonus payment available to those states complying with the act sooner than its three-year time line. Rather than a 10 percent reduction in Justice Assistance Grants and certain reductions of Sex Offender Management Assistance Program monies for those states that do not comply with Adam Walsh Act. I could not agree more and several trail attorneys agreed because it would not leave room for plead bargaining.

We want HB 933 / Jessica Lunsford Act becomes a law in North Carolina. North Carolina General Assembly should take the Adam Walsh Act, so our state can take advantage of funding and not be penalize.

Please see our site and sign the petition for Jessica's Law.


Thank You,
Jessica's Law Now North Carolina

LogiPundit said...

Great site, Jack.

Letting you know I added you to a (very short) list of "North CArolina Blogs." (yes, you should feel honored). Forming a sort of ad hoc "Senate" of bloggers who keep track of local and State politics in their respective locales.

Come see us.

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